COVID - 19 Statement (effective until further notice)

Premier Garage Equipment Ltd put the Health and Safety of our Customers, Employees, Contractors and the Public at the forefront of our operations. Before lockdown, Premier took steps to put additional H&S standards in place in connection with COVID – 19.

Premier has put the following measures in place “until further notice” and is continually reviewing the situation on a daily basis, adjusting to meet demands as required.

We have put in place building control at our Head Offices at Stewartby, therefore all external doors are locked. Anyone entering the building will have to use the sanitation stations at all entries to the buildings, if they are permitted to enter. We have also put in place a work from home policy with some of our staff, this ensures we minimise the numbers in the office.

Premier Garage Equipment Head Office in Stewartby:

  • Till further notice there will be no meetings at our offices.
  • Anyone who has to visit will be asked to carry out hand washing, use of hand gel and wipes. (gloves and masks are available as required)
  • We have advised there should be no greetings (handshakes etc) whatsoever.
  • We also ask that everyone maintain a 2-metre distance (wherever possible) from others.

At customer sites, we have advised our engineers and staff to carry out the following:

On Site:

  • Conform to any of the customer’s requirements as normal.
  • No handshakes.
  • Maintain personal distancing (2M) where possible.
  • Use the wipes supplied by Premier to sanitise equipment or tools where required.
  • Ensure sanitising of hands before entering the customer’s site.
  • The use of paperwork will be minimised if not removed altogether. Any use of the mobile tablet will be cleaned after use.
  • Wear disposable gloves on-site at all times. (masks are also available as required)
  • At the end of the job, clean down equipment to a very high standard and ensure all waste is disposed of, in accordance with control measures..
  • Before leaving the site, “dispose of any gloves or wipes” in accordance with the customers control measures.
  • Use the wipes to sanitise all parts of the vehicles used ie steering wheel, door handles, crane controls as required.
  • Any reusable rags are deposited in the mobile waste container carried by Premier vehicles and returned to our office for controlled anti bacterial washing and recycling.

We would expect any of our subcontractors to meet our requirements as above.

Due to the strict controls we have put in place we would ask that our customers adhere wherever possible to our precautions.

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Garage Equipment

Sourcing the right equipment for your workshop can be crucial to the success of your business. We can take care of anything garage-related, from brand new builds to workshop redesigns, from new MOT bays to lifts, wheel and tyre equipment and more.

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Industrial Doors

Are you in the market for an industrial door or automated gate? As DHF members we have built a strong reputation with a wide range of customers supplying and installing doors and gates on commercial premises across the UK. Considering a new purchase?

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Liquid Engineering

The PGE liquid engineering division deals with the storage, distribution and management of a wide range of liquids and oil products across industry sectors including: car, van, commercial, industrial and manufacturing. We are also specialist consultants on oil storage regulations.

Garage Equipment Services


Do you need a vehicle lift for your garage workshop? The lift you choose depends on several factors, including the environment and vehicle type. We supply, install and maintain the complete range from 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, platform scissor lifts, double and single scissor lifts, inground lifts and mobile column lifts.


Workshop Bay Services

We supply the complete range of workshop bay services to keep your technicians working as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our products include: hand pumps, electric pumps, grease pumps, Adblue pumps, hose reels, waste oil units and fluid management systems.


Workshop Furniture

Our workshop furniture range can accommodate every requirement and budget from entry level through to bespoke, from one-man garages to high-end dealerships. We supply storage cabinets, bay services cabinets, workshop benches and trolleys through to all manner of essential accessories.



PGE provide MOT equipment to small garages and large commercial enterprises across the UK. We work with top manufacturers to bring you the best quality equipment including: vehicle lifts, wheel alignment options, brake testers, emission testers and MOT test lanes for all vehicle classes.



Air compressors are at the heart of all workshops and power the majority of equipment increasing productivity and profitability. We supply, install and maintain all kinds of compressors including the 4 main types: screw compressors, piston compressors, vane compressors and portable compressors.


Wheel & Tyre Equipment

Our range of wheel and tyre garage equipment can be used across a wide range of automotive brands boosting productivity and fully supporting your technicians to deliver. We supply, install and maintain everything from wheel cleaners, to tyre changers, wheel balancers, alignment and ADAS equipment. .


Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction is paramount to comply with health and safety in your garage environment. We have a broad selection for you to choose from, suitable for all budgets, vehicle and machinery types from motorcycles to cars, vans to trucks and agriculture to quarries.


Air Conditioning

PGE supply, install and maintain air conditioning equipment in garages and workshops, small and large, across the UK. If you’re not sure which service system is right for your business, let us help you decide, so that everyone can stay cool when they need to.


Garage Equipment Design & Installation

Getting the design and installation of your garage equipment right is one of the most fundamental business decisions you’ll ever make. Let us help you by making the best use of your workshop space to have a major impact on your productivity and profit margin.


Garage Equipment Aftersales

Our aftersales services are designed to protect and prolong the life of your equipment and streamline the way you do business with us. This includes: maintenance packages, breakdown and repair call-outs, regulatory compliance advice and round-the-clock support from a dedicated key account manager.


Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors Design & Installation

At PGE, we provide a one-stop shop, from the initial survey, through to design, supply and installation. We can install roller shutters, sectional overhead doors, sliding folding and rapid action industrial doors as well as a wide range of automated gates.


Industrial Doors Aftersales

Following the installation of your new industrial doors or automated gates, you can enjoy an unbeatable aftersales experience. Customer care is high on our list of priorities and covers industrial door maintenance, repairs, legal compliance and access to our new, real-time customer portal.


Liquid Engineering

Liquid Engineering Design & Insallation

Liquid engineering systems are a core component in many industrial settings. How you store, handle and manage liquids on your premises can affect security, safety of employees, productivity and profitability. Need help getting the design and installation of your liquid engineering services right?


Liquid Engineering Aftersales

The aftercare team at Premier Garage Equipment are always on hand with a range of support services whether it’s consulting on oil storage regulations or taking care of your equipment. This includes: maintenance contracts, calibration contracts, breakdown and repairs.


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