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About our client

Millbrook Proving Ground, based in Bedfordshire and named after the decades-old General Motors Proving Ground in the USA, is a market leader in vehicle testing and validation services with sites in the UK, USA and Europe.

Founded by Vauxhall in the 1960s, Millbrook has evolved throughout the years and is now a world-leading vehicle testing centre catering to a range of industries including automotive, transport, tyre, petrochemical and defence. It’s also a corporate entertainment venue offering off road track facilities as well as a popular choice for location film sets including the James Bond franchise.

Our relationship with Millbrook started by chance when we were asked to repair some garage equipment. Satisfied with the quality of our work, the jobs kept coming and several years down the line, we are a loyal and trusted supplier.

Project brief

PGE has partnered with Millbrook for nearly a decade on a range of projects including garage equipment supply and maintenance across the vast 300 acre site.

Maintenance of vehicle lifts and industrial doors

With around 60 vehicle lifts and 120 industrial doors on site, all in regular use, scheduled maintenance is essential. One of our technicians will visit the site Twice each year and be on site for at least one month in total to assess the condition of each lift and door, this enable us to then submit a quotation for the repairs to ensure the equipment is in first class condition.

Fume extraction

It’s always been essential that Millbrook complies fully with health and safety legislation. To achieve this has required significant investment in fume extraction equipment – an area which we specialise in. Over the years, we’ve installed thousands of pounds worth of fume extraction equipment across a range of individual projects.

New equipment installation

The site at Millbrook is constantly evolving. When new buildings are added, this may call for more lifts or industrial doors which we are asked to install and subsequently include in our rolling maintenance programme.

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How we go the extra mile

Our relationship with Millbrook has flourished because we are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship even when timescales are demanding and conditions are challenging. Millbrook’s clients usually build penalty clauses into their contracts which means that Millbrook’s own suppliers and contractors must be able to respond quickly when needed. In the past, we have worked during the weekend and late into the night to get a job done.

Having experienced issues with suppliers in the past, Millbrook is especially conscious of only partnering with suppliers who can deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest health and safety standards. We are always on hand to solve a problem when it arises and as we are located close to Millbrook in Bedfordshire, we can usually have an engineer on site within minutes.

All our technicians who work on Millbrook projects are specially trained (with training updates every three years) and must be approved to work in all areas of the Millbrook site unaccompanied, including crash labs which are partially restricted. This guarantees peace of mind for the client and ensures a smooth, hassle-free process.

We are also great at problem solving. If Millbrook needs a lift for a specific vehicle, they tend to come to us and ask us to make a suitable recommendation. Due to the nature of their business, the briefs can vary significantly from one day to the next and the workshops they must kit out are similarly varied; from super cars, to vans, to industrial equipment. No two briefs are the same and over the years, Millbrook has learned that we can be as flexible as they need us to be. No job is too large, too small or too complex. We help to support their business priorities by working efficiently at all times, ensuring the right equipment is in place exactly then they need it to ensure they are fully operational throughout the year.

Our ongoing commitment to Millbrook

As already mentioned, the site at Millbrook is constantly developing and evolving which requires us to be on hand as needed for regular maintenance, repairs and replacement.

From time to time, we work on bespoke projects which are specified for individual buildings. On one occasion, we were tasked with installing fume extraction equipment in the fabrication shop at Millbrook. However, the ceiling in that building is unusually low which placed constraints on us bringing in off-the-shelf equipment. To resolve the problem, we designed and installed a bespoke fume extraction system and to counteract the limited outside space, we also designed and implemented alterations to an external staircase.

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“Millbrook is a fairly unique site offering a wide range of services. What’s more, the site is constantly developing and evolving as we respond to new business opportunities. Our suppliers must be agile and able to respond to an equally wide range of project briefs. Working with PGE for over a decade has proved to us that there is nothing we can’t throw at them. The quality of service is always superb and their technical knowledge is hard to beat. They are also excellent on regulatory compliance which is an area we take seriously. They’re an all-round great supplier partner to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Millbrook Proving Ground

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